Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Black Bird paintings available!

I've produced a couple of new paintings in the last few weeks. And here they are!

Black Bird XXIII
20" x 16", mixed media on canvas


Black Bird XXIV:
24" x 12", mixed media on canvas

Coming soon: more koi, in a medium-sized format!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Upcoming event! Speakeasy Drawing and Painting Show at the Gladstone

For one evening, the second floor of the Gladstone will be filled with the artwork of 29 local artists. And I'll be one of them!

Wander through multiple rooms and hallways, each hung with a huge variety of original works, and meet the artists.

Wine and beer will be served. Admissions is pay-what-you-can.

The official site is here, with all the info:

"The atmosphere at SpeakEasy is casual...
conducive to innovation and inspiration. Each month a selected group of artists from a different creative discipline displays work for the crowd. Some of our most popular shows have featured Photography (part of the city wide Contact Festival), Illustration, Industrial Design, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, and the SpeakEasy Craft Shows."

I've also made a facebook page for the event, here, so you can add it!!/event.php?eid=129571927055432

Monday, May 17, 2010

The finished article: "Christine, Please..."

Okay, so I finally finished my fan art experiment, and probably my fan art kick, for the moment, too.

Here's the final, fully coloured and shaded version of the Phantom of the Opera unmasking scene that I had been posting at different stages:

(I also have it posted, with a description of the scene and what I was going for, on deviantArt: here.)

In other news, on a much sillier fan art front (oh God help me), I made another piece of Love Never Dies mockery, which will mean absolutely NOTHING to anyone who hasn't listened to the cast recording or seen the play, but it DID get used in a video piece by The Phantom Reviewer, so it's going to be seen by thousands on Youtube, at least! (Makes me wish I'd bothered with shading.)

And I think that's it for the glut of Phantom fan art, for the moment. (But no promises!) More fine art posts to come, in the VERY near future...

Unless I go off on a different fan art kick. Like Sherlock Holmes, or Les Miserables, or The Wicker Man (the ORIGINAL)... I don't even know. That's why this is the Sketches and Miscellany blog! Stay tuned for more random insanity.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Work in progress update: the nerdery progresses!

Just a little update on the piece of Phantom of the Opera art that I posted recently, showing the piece in progress. I've since spent many more hours inking it and cleaning it up, which resulted in the following line art: which I have now started adding some colour:

I've barely started shading it at this point, but I'm certainly looking forward to getting to the finished product.

These types of exercises are good for my art in pretty much every way: I get to practice anatomy, perspective, expression, drapery, inking, colour, shading... and why not work on these things using characters I enjoy?

More to come soon!

New painting: Black Bird XXIII

After the big push for the Bazaar of the Bizarre, I gave myself a bit of a breather. However, I'm back in productive mode, and have some new things to post in the next few days!

For starters:

This piece was just completed on Monday, and is available!

Black Bird XXIII
Mixed media on canvas
20" x 16"

Coming soon: an update on a couple of illustration pieces, and... some more koi!