Sunday, January 31, 2010

New home studio

Because it's always interesting to see someone's work space (or at least *I* think so), here's a photo of my new set-up:

(Lasercat edition is here.)

Some notes on what you're seeing here:

To the right: a gigantic closet that holds a bunch of my supplies, keeping me from having to toss them all over the room.

On the floor by the fireplace: weights -- for buffness!

To the left: huuuuge south-southwest-facing window, for amazing natural light.

In the immediate foreground: the comfiest chair in the world, which will probably be moved to the bedroom to re-open my floorspace for painting.

On the wall to either side of the fireplace: wall-mounted lamps, not god lights. Apparently my camera was too awed by them.

The other end of the room is set up as a seating area:

Yes, my coffee table has sexy firemen fabric under the glass.

New Bird Painting

I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to announce... the first completed painting since I moved into the new space!

It is the latest installment in the bird series. 36" x 18", acrylic and modeling paste on canvas. Available now, with free delivery within reach of the TTC.

And I have more! Check out my website to see what other pieces are currently available.

(I should add that the blue at the bottom of this painting isn't as bright or as blue as it looks in the picture. Photos sometimes come out a little strangely!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mailing List Sign-up. The form compels you!

Sign up for updates on new artwork, upcoming events, and shows. It's safe and secure... and I promise to be gentle! No spamming, brownie's honour.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday sketches

Did a couple of loose doodles on some scrap paper, in ball point pen, while killing some time this afternoon. Pen is fun because it makes you commit to what you're putting down, for better or for worse.

The better:

The worse:

For title and punchline, view it on Deviantart:

The poor fellow. I may yet ink him up properly and make something of him. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Horned Owl: Work in Progress -- update

An update on the Great Horned Owl painting (seen earlier, here: It's getting there! Another session or two of toning and tweaking things and tightening up a little detail, and this fellow will be complete.

18" x 14", acrylic and modeling paste on canvas.

For anyone who is interested, he IS available!

Tuesday sketch

I call it "Finish my Tail, Woman".

Waving, not drowning!

I've been a bit elusive of late, but I've had good reason! The holidays snuck up on me, and then with no break whatsoever from Christmassy/New Yearsish chaos, it was moving time.

On January 2nd, myself and a herd of amazing friends helped me haul all my junk up to a fourth floor apartment... in a building with no elevators. What could have been the move from hell went unbelievably smoothly. I'm now happily installed in an apartment twice the size of my previous one, and I have a fantastic, well-lit, spacious and beautiful home studio set up in my living room. Once it's a bit more organized, I will certainly be posting photos!

After taking nearly a month away from painting to have all these great adventures, I tentatively started back at it last week, and am steadily regaining momentum. I have some new things to post today, and will also be posting regularly, several times a week, from now until whenever the next insanely busy patch hits. So please check back!