Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dog portrait: Becky, the Boston Terrier

A new piece in my dog portrait series. This is Becky, my family's 11-year-old Boston Terrier. Though now senior, she's surprisingly active, and while she can no longer jump 6 feet straight into the air from a standstill (usually to lick your face), she's still got a lot of personality in her.

This piece is on 11" x 8" Stonehenge warm white paper. Image area is about 6" x 5". Drawn entirely with pencil. (Pardon the watermark on the image -- I'm trying to protect my portfolio pieces drawn in this style!)

I'm always up for doing custom portraits. Though most of my samples are animals, I've also done drawings of people, houses, and even cars. As long as I have decent photo reference, I'll draw pretty well anything!

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