Monday, April 26, 2010

New work and new prints!

Now that the Bazaar of the Bizarre has happened, I can finally unleash a bunch of my new work upon the rest of the waiting world... or... something.

Thank you to all who attended!

Check out the Paintings section of my site to view all of the new work that I prepared for, and showed for the first time at, the Bazaar. A couple of pieces sold, but the majority of the new paintings are still available!

Prints that I wasn't able to have ready in time for the show are also now available for order!

These include:

Brown Hare II:

Original painting: $300
Signed print: $20

Angry Circus Monkey:

Original painting: $600
Signed print: $20

Barn Owl II:

Original painting: $850
Signed print: $20

And a couple of smaller pieces, which are available only as originals:

Brown Hare I:

Original: $200

Black Bird XX:

Original: $220

Also, my show at Trap Door Boutique remains on display! Larger black bird paintings, and a VERY large koi painting, remain available there, as well as a wide variety of other, smaller pieces. Check it out if you're planning to be out near the Junction, or even if you're not! :D

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