Thursday, February 17, 2011

A long-overdue update with... ahhh, nerdy comics!

Oh dear! Poor, neglected sketch blog! I'm so sorry. I've treated you so badly. Um, have some chocolates. Also flowers. Oh dear, yes, these ARE from post-Valentine's Day clearance. I had hoped you wouldn't notice. I mean mind... Hoped you wouldn't mind...

If you think can stand another Phantom of the Opera piece, then please take a look at the following comic. If only for the art and nothing else? I spent about a month picking away (okay, slaving away) at this during my spare time, and am quite happy with how it all turned out. I think... it's actually my only multiple-panel full-colour comic so far. I've done greyscale a lot, yes, but... colour!

Anyhow, click to view properly:

Comic is here!

And let me know what you think. Oh, nerdery... But it seems to have blown up on deviantArt, where it has nearly 200 favourites, and about 1900 page views so far (and counting). Miiiiles more than anything else I've posted there.

More paintings to come soon as well -- and a couple of show announcements! Woooo!

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