Sunday, October 16, 2011

Upcoming event: The Bazaar of the Bizarre

It's back, and I'm back there too! The Bazaar of the Bizarre returns this upcoming Sunday, October 23rd. Click on the image below for all the main details:

You can also add yourself to the Facebook event, to keep it on your radar.

I have a LOT of new work, and news, for this particular bazaar. I will be offering a selection of the work on canvas that many of you now know me for, as well as some work in completely new media. The short list:

-New original paintings on paper, almost all under $100 each
-NEW! Original handmade, completely wearable masks! Each on
e is one-of-a-kind, and has been designed, hand-molded from high quality leather, and hand-painted. See below for my Cthulhu-inspired design!
-Original works on canvas at special prices. At this event only, select canvases will be offered at 20-30% off of their original prices as listed on my website.
-Signed, matted, ready-to-frame prints of many of my original pieces.

I won't spoil all the surprises by posting everything here, but here some examples of new paintings, and one of the new (completely wearable!) masks:

...And much more to come on show day! Hope to see you there.



  1. Looking forward to seeing you and your new inspired pieces! The mask is wonderful ;)

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you and your work as well!

  3. Also, WOW! Just poked around your site for the first time in a while. You have some really incredible new stuff!

  4. Thanks! Even the site design is new ;) It's been a busy year. So much that I've decided the Bazaar will be my last show of this season. Need some time to re-cooperate (and finally shake this autumn cold that will not let go of me).

  5. That mask is amazing! What is it made of?

    I love the squid a lot, too. He looks so hilariously enraged. :D

  6. Ghoul Friday: I hear you on the recuperation bit! I'm going to keep plugging though -- have to get ready for a show at Trap Door. But I'll enjoy my, um, Monday off, I guess! Still trying to decide if I should apply for the Christmas edition too.

    Meredith: Thanks! The mask is made is made of leather. I wet-molded it by hand, then painted it with acrylic. It holds its shape well enough for display -- but it's also flexible enough to wear! I have some bird ones in the works as well.

  7. Oh cool! I'm jealous that you know how to work with leather - that's a skill I keep meaning to pick up. :D

    Have you thought about selling those masks on consignment in goth stores? Wait, what am I saying, the Bazaar is run by the owner of Plastik Wrap...I bet you two have already had that conversation!