Monday, February 1, 2010

Forumwarz Episode 3, and the further illustrated adventures of the emoest of emos

I'm very excited to announce the launch of Forumwarz Episode 3, which happened last week. (Okay yeah so I'm behind, geez.)

After a summer of very fun collaborative creative meetings, it's exciting to be in the game and seeing all the very best of our very worst ideas put to use.

With the launch of the episode, I can now also share these illustrations, which I have been sitting on for a few months in anticipation!

To view them all, as well as selected emo kid illustrations from previous episodes, click below for on the link to my illustration page, and scroll down to the Episode 3 portion of the Forumwarz section.

To play this most excellent of games, where you will also see these illustrations in context with their associated stories, click the link below. Much as with crack, the first hit (episode) is free. After that, it's still pretty darn cheap to play.

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