Sunday, January 31, 2010

New home studio

Because it's always interesting to see someone's work space (or at least *I* think so), here's a photo of my new set-up:

(Lasercat edition is here.)

Some notes on what you're seeing here:

To the right: a gigantic closet that holds a bunch of my supplies, keeping me from having to toss them all over the room.

On the floor by the fireplace: weights -- for buffness!

To the left: huuuuge south-southwest-facing window, for amazing natural light.

In the immediate foreground: the comfiest chair in the world, which will probably be moved to the bedroom to re-open my floorspace for painting.

On the wall to either side of the fireplace: wall-mounted lamps, not god lights. Apparently my camera was too awed by them.

The other end of the room is set up as a seating area:

Yes, my coffee table has sexy firemen fabric under the glass.

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