Thursday, May 19, 2011

Figure Drawing

Last week, I attended the first figure drawing class I'd been to in... okay, I'll fess up. It had been years.

I had figure drawing as a regular, several-times-a-week thing all through my fine art program at university, but have since been focusing more on drawing from my head than from reference. Lately I've felt like I've been maxing out on that, though. I really can't progress without turning back to live reference, and so... back I go!

I have a couple of dozens of sketches from the evening, in varying styles, and done to varying degrees of completion. This one, however, stands out as my favourite drawing of the evening. The accuracy isn't all there, by any means, but... there's a moodiness and line quality in it that's lacking in a lot of my more literal and accurate pieces. I think the bizarre angle of the model lent itself to a more abstracted approach, and often when that happens, good things can come about. Not overthinking what I'm doing, either, tends to have lovelier results... much of the time.

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