Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sir Percy and Citizen Chauvelin

Today's project: pencils for a soon-to-be more polished Scarlet Pimpernel illustration.

First, the little sketchbook scribbles, each only about 2.5" high.

These I scanned, tweaked and re-sized to the proper scale for one another in photoshop, then printed very lightly, for penciling over-top.

Which, after an hour or so, resulted in the adjusted and completed (enough for me to ink, at any rate) pencils:

(Please forgive the filthy, smudgy paper... My penciling isn't always the, ah, cleanest...)

As my next step, I'll adjust the levels in Photoshop so that the piece can be printed out very lightly, but with all its detail, on a new sheet for inking. This method suits my purposes much more than attempting to ink over my pencils, as I've often penciled on pretty rough paper, and have usually dented and pulverized it by the time I'm done my tweaks.

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