Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Bird Painting

I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to announce... the first completed painting since I moved into the new space!

It is the latest installment in the bird series. 36" x 18", acrylic and modeling paste on canvas. Available now, with free delivery within reach of the TTC.

And I have more! Check out my website to see what other pieces are currently available.

(I should add that the blue at the bottom of this painting isn't as bright or as blue as it looks in the picture. Photos sometimes come out a little strangely!)


  1. Yay! So the new place works as inspiration and not just as a living space. here's to many more paintings...

  2. Thanks! Yes, it is SO much better working in here. Great natural light, tons of floor space, loads of storage... not to mention the utter lack of creepy landlords peering in my windows or banging on my door to complain that I'm, like, breathing or something equally offensive.

    I should definitely post pictures of the place!

  3. Oooh, it looks so good! And creepy! Your black birds keep reminding me of Huginnn and Muninn, because their huge eyes make them look like they see and know everything.

    Out of curiosity, how much are you selling them for? I doubt I can afford your art just now, but one day, one day!

  4. Ooh, that's a good idea! An Odin painting with a pair of birds would be pretty sweet.

    I'm asking $500 for this one and the same for the other one in this size. I can do different sizes and prices, though, so I can probably work with whatever you can afford for something.