Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Waving, not drowning!

I've been a bit elusive of late, but I've had good reason! The holidays snuck up on me, and then with no break whatsoever from Christmassy/New Yearsish chaos, it was moving time.

On January 2nd, myself and a herd of amazing friends helped me haul all my junk up to a fourth floor apartment... in a building with no elevators. What could have been the move from hell went unbelievably smoothly. I'm now happily installed in an apartment twice the size of my previous one, and I have a fantastic, well-lit, spacious and beautiful home studio set up in my living room. Once it's a bit more organized, I will certainly be posting photos!

After taking nearly a month away from painting to have all these great adventures, I tentatively started back at it last week, and am steadily regaining momentum. I have some new things to post today, and will also be posting regularly, several times a week, from now until whenever the next insanely busy patch hits. So please check back!

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