Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Madly painting. MADLY!

A few words about what's in the works:

-I've just completed a new 36" x 18" bird, which I will be posting on the site shortly. So totally for sale!

-A photo-realistic Great Horned Owl, 18" x 14", on the same textured surface as the more stylized black bird paintings, is underway.

-Three pairs of 8" x 10" black bird paintings are nearly ready. These will be available within the next week, at very reasonable prices, and will make great Christmas gifts for all your friends and loved ones (hint hint)!

-I've been painting a house portrait, which is a pretty big departure from what most people know me for. I'll be sure to post it when I get it done within the next two weeks.

And who knows what other things I'll come up with to stretch myself just that little bit thinner. It seems I'm most productive when I have a million things to work on, so I'm just going with that!

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