Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slim and shady

After one of my friends became fixated on the Slender Man, I had to play with the idea a bit myself.

The Slender Man is an invention of the Something Awful forums. Despite that dubious origin, it's a pretty seriously creepy and compelling subject.

You can read more about him here (which explains the idea better than my own attempt to boil it down to a sentence might):

There's also a series of Blair Witch-style videos on youtube, under the name Marble Hornets. They didn't do much for me at first, but over an hour later, I found I'd watched them all anyhow, and was ready for more.

So inspired, I made this facebook graffiti for my fixated friend.

His face came out a little too human, and I think the potential for extra, tentacly limbs holding additional cupcakes may be worth exploring in future.

(This one is vanilla with butter cream icing, just so you know.)

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