Saturday, November 28, 2009

New bird paintings available! Affordable minis, in time for Christmas.

I've only just completed these, and am now unleashing them upon an unsuspecting world (or something). All of my birds have so far been solitary, but this time, I thought they deserved to have a friend. Or a staring contest partner. Or, as I'm showing them below, maybe an enemy to snub:

Though the paired birds share the same poses, they're not entirely identical, with variations in the texture of the canvas and application of the paint making each one unique. They're not attached together, so hang them as you like: back to back, face to face, one above the other, or hey, even in separate rooms. It's entirely up to you.

The pieces are 10" x 8" each. Buy a pair a pair for the sweet sweet price of $200. I will deliver for free within reach of the TTC, or else ship them out at cost.

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